County Jamboree Photographs

Renfrewshire v Lanarkshire

17th June 2003


bullet2003 Photographs

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Gillian Maureen Karen
Gillian Maureen and Karen
Annabe Kanel, Moira Hogg and Mamie Robin
Annabel Moira and Mamie
Gillian McGinlay 1st Tee
Gillian 1st Tee
Pearl  Orr and Aileen Wilson
Pearl and Aileen
Lesley Robertson Teeing Off
Lesley Robertson Drive
Gillian McGinlay 16th Tee
Gillian 16th Tee
Gillian Brenda Kay
Gillian 16th tee thoughts
Lesley Robertson and Fiona Prior
Lesley and Fiona Prior
Donna Jackson and May Hughes
Donna and May Hughes
Gladys Speedie and Jennifer Jenkins
Jennifer and caddy Gladys Speedie
G McKinlay and B Stewart
Gillian and caddy Brenda Stewart
RLCGA County Team
Renfrewshire County Team
Donna and M Harper
Donna and caddy Margaret Harper
C Finlayson and R Dykes
Christeen and Rosemary Dykes
C Whyte and P Orr
Carol Whyte
Supporters 17th Green
J Jenkins Tee Shot
Jennifer Tee Shot
Foursomes 18th Handshake
Foursomes Tie 18th Hole


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